Free Website Design Serives

Some reasons you should never get a free website design service.


  1. You don’t fully own your free website.

When you use a free website design service, they own your site instead of you. They tell you what you can and can’t do on “your website” and may hinder you from doing things such as selling and including payment buttons. You are also almost always very limited to how much you can customize the website. The worst part about it, the free website design service will put their logo, advertisement etc. on your website.

  1. You are subject to their changes.

The free website design service may suddenly require payment, or put their advertisement all over your page, put their logo on your website, etc. The sky is the limit of what they could require or force you to comply with.

  1. Could disappear, go out of business or be unreliable.

Small and large businesses cease operating all the time. I am sure you have seen that for yourself. So what happens if one day you wake up and your site has disappeared?

  1. Looks unprofessional.

Most free services will display their own ads and/or links and you have no control over them. It is obvious you are using a free service and it reflects poorly on you. I mean, would you trust a website that you knew was a free website service and had other people’s ads on it or some other companies logo on your website? No!

Your next steps:

If you really want a nice website designed for you, than contact us and we will create a beautiful website for you. Give us a call or send us an email and tell us how we can help you.


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