Biggest Blog in South Africa coming this August 2016. Find out more.

We are proud to announce that we at Website Designs Johannesburg, have been working on creating the biggest entertainment blog website in South Africa. This page will cover all the best quotes, funny jokes and the funniest pictures on the web.

This website is and is in its final development stages. It has taken thousands of hours of design work. For every single quote and every single quote, we created and designed a custom picture quote / joke to get with it to increase the users experience.  Can you imagine designing thousands of picture quotes?

The goal of the website is to educate, inspire, motivated people of South Africa and around the world. Then on top of that we wanted to give people jokes and picture to laugh at to brighten up their day.

We hope that you and many South Africans will enjoy this website as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Feel free to take a look at the JuicyQuotes website.

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